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Barnett NEWMAN - Drawings and Prints. Kerber Verlag / Kunstmuseum Basel, 2016.

© Barnett Newman. (+ zoom image)

[Barnett NEWMAN].

Drawings and Prints.

Kerber Verlag / Kunstmuseum Basel, 2016, reliure cartonnée illustrée, 104 pp., (26,6 x 22,7 cm).

The Kunstmuseums Basel’s Kupferstichkabinett (prints department) owns Newman’s entire oeuvre of prints, and, as of 2014, important drawings. The color drawings from 1944/45 are surprising in their playfulness. The ensuing drawings in black ink and brush paved the way for the second phase of drawings from 1959/60. Questions about series and proportion are dealt with in the prints, which Newman began making in 1961.

This is the first publication to provide an overview of the artist’s entire oeuvre of prints.

Neuf / new.

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